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Illumify "Breathe" Session $149

With all of the uncertainty life throws at you, it can be easy to hold your breath as you await the time when things will become normal again.

Find your sense of normalcy and learn how to breathe vital oxygen back into your life at this moment, allowing you to maintain inner calm, despite the fears of the unknown that surround you.

This session includes 1:1 virtual support, including guided breathing exercises and visualization to provide clarity with focus and bring joy back into your life. 

 VIP Decompress Therapy: In-Home $175*

Restorative healing on a cellular level from your core outwards!

Enjoy this spacious, healing therapy session in the comfort of your home** as it will help you regain your strength, giving you a newfound energy that allows you to decompress with invigoration!

This session is beneficial for anyone dealing with everyday aches and pains caused by varying activities and the stress from daily life. These may stem from years of posture compromise to recovering from surgery to rehabbing an injury to emotional stress and so on. 

This personalized experience includes a Pre/Post Consultation along with deep manual modalities to bring maximum relief to tissue/nerve issues. Kinesiology tape (Rock Tape), Light therapy, and Rapid Release MB Vibe Therapy may be utilized if needed to further assist your body in accelerating the healing process.

Contact-less payments accepted only. Total payment is due with each session booked.

*$175 price is valid for local clients within 20 mile round trip radius. Additional travel fee will apply beyond 20 mile radius.

  $149 per additional client. Price valid only for same day bookings in same household only.

**Clients must have their own massage table, clean linens, and are responsible for laundering linens. 

$50 fee will apply to those requiring a massage table for booked sessions.

Contact me at 267-935-9086 for your personalized price quote.

            Take a deep breath in.
                                              Relax, free your mind, and
                                                                                               Let your stress melt away.

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