Core Momentum Collection

exclusive Signature jewelry

Each Self-care bundle purchase includes a 1 year subscription

to the private Breathe, Stretch & Flow video channel! 

Launch Sale Expires on 12-21-2020

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'Core Momentum Collection' is a Collaborative Expression by

Rosebend Jewelry & Illumify A•nu•mí LLC 

This is truly a unique, one of a kind,

creation by Andria DeLeon of Rosebend Jewelry with a 

collaborative signature design by Alina McGilloway of Illumify A•nu•mí LLC.


This exclusive Core Momentum Collection is only available

with each Abundantly Infinite Self-Care Bundle. Each bundle purchase includes

FREE yearly access to the “Breathe Stretch & Flow” video channel that is full of:

  • Self-Massage Techniques for Long-lasting Relief

  • Breathwork Stretching Flows to Energize You

  • Guided Relaxation that promotes Love, Creativity & Abundance

The Abundantly Infinite Self-Care Bundle was created to help you focus on your good intentions,

re-energize your body and mind so that you may become grounded within an inner supply of positivity!


Each signature jewelry piece included in this exclusive Core Momentum Collection is inspired by the emotions of LOVE, JOY, PEACE, KINDESS, and FAITH to serve as a reminder that you can always choose to connect to these uplifting thoughts and feelings that are truly the foundation of healthy actions, connections, and relationships.

The exclusive Core Momentum Collection includes the following Signature Jewelry pieces with option to customize any piece:

- Abundantly Infinite Love Necklace

- Abundantly Infinite Joy Bracelet

- Abundantly Infinite Peace Earrings

- Abundantly Infinite Kindness Ring

- Abundantly Infinite Faith Anklet