Core Momentum Experiences

If you are a 'Doer' and a 'Go-Getter; like me and are ready to make things happen, here are some of my specific support bundles, currently being offered to a limited few, exclusively designed with love for you.

Authentic Abundant Lifestyle Experience $799

Join me virtual when you are eager to find their path to abundance and creative expression!

Are you ready to amplify your values and strengths, getting crystal clear on your goals to lay a solid framework of success as you learn to take aligned action, while re-energizing the exhausted areas of life, bringing vitality and your life purpose to fruition? 

Learn how to shift out towards the ease and calm excitement through a deeper awareness of your Core Energy Levels. Start taking Core actions that lead you to accomplishing those brilliant ideas by learning my simple 'Core Action' process. 

Have an active role in influencing your overall environment, from the inside out, to enhance and boost the culture within that has been merely surviving and transition to an uplifted, bonded culture that is thriving productively as you are being fully supported and inspired to completely express yourself in a safe space while learning how to take all-inclusive action from your Core so that you can honor your entire intelligence and be able to live authentically.

Book this Core Momentum Experience, fully customized to meet your individual needs and desires, carving out the time and attention that will keep you on track with accomplishing your goals in life, as you receive the support you need to take aligned action.

*This experience includes an ELI (Energy Leadership Index) Assessment + Debrief with Core Energy Coach and 'Fundamentals to Authentic Abundant Accomplishment' Guide plus a collaborative Illumination Session with me!

*This Core Momentum Experience is ideal for the creative entrepreneurial spirit as it will give you the insight you need to identify your next steps so that you may navigate and be at choice in the direction you are heading,

bringing your goals to fruition along with liberating your Core Desired feeling in life. 

Pricing is per person.

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Inspirational BE-ing  Day Retreat $599

Have you been planning your next getaway, desiring to find the perfect place for your loved ones and yourself to be able to relax, to go on an adventure, and to receive some healing bodywork as you unwind in an inspiring ambience?

This Core Momentum Experience will inspire and motivate you to discover who you truly are, harness your momentum, create spaciousness within your life, receive self care that is self-ish versus selfish, and start making things happen within you life, rather than waiting for them to happen or letting them happen to you.


Book an Inspirational BE-ing Day Retreat, where you can feel safe to be you, surrounded by uplifting vibes, and motivated to enjoy the fundamental activities that will truly nurture your body and your mind. Enjoy alongside the ones you love the most as you experience self-care together.

*This Core Momentum Experience is ideal for adventure seekers, best friends, couples, companions, travel buddies, families, etc. and you will receive options of where your retreat will be held. 

A Healing Massage Experience and an Illumify "Breathe" Session are included. Call for details.

Pricing is per person. Up to (4) per experience

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