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What kind of Life Coach are you?

I am a Certified BodyMind Coach & Wholistic BIZ Consultant and I utilize the Core Momentum Method to help you connect the wisdom of your entire intelligence from your logic, your life purpose, and your intuition for you to receive full clarity on which choices in your life align with your entire being (your full potential) and which decisions will keep you on the path to receiving joy, success, and creativity in abundance.

I focus on a Breakthrough Laser approach, the BodyMind connection and the Momentum Method in all sessions to keep the forward moving pace going as I support you in achieving your goals and Core desired feeling in life.

Who do you work with?

I work with creative, intuitive, and highly sensitive individuals, when you when you are ready to take a moment to be vulnerable and invest in your self to be built up as a human being who is ready and eager to take aligned action towards becoming your authentic self and when you are committed to honoring your Zone of Genius, while validating your Comfort Zone and taking action from your Core to finally liberate those seemingly impossible dreams and ideas of yours that have been flooding your brain, turning them into your wholesome reality!

I work with you when you know something has to change in order for you to reach your goals and when you are ready to adjust the old patterns, habits, routines that are holding you back.

How long before I see results?

What you focus on will become your reality. If you are determined to see results, you will see results. During this process, you will explore your old dusty pathways (thoughts/patterns) that have become filled with jagged rocks, even boulders, that have been blocking your efforts to be successful, draining what little time you have left each day, and keeping you from truly enjoying life.

The great news is, as you explore your old pathways, you will uncover exactly what has been blocking your momentum, become empowered to remove the ones that are completely useless while also creating several new connecting pathways that will lead you on that upward spiral, while grounding your energy in the process.

With each and every choice you make that aligns with these new pathways, you will feel liberated as you continue on the highway to abundant joy, success, and creativity- where you will begin to create the time you need to do the things that build you up rather than being so busy, you never have the time to get started!

What will I gain from this experience?

You will learn exactly what your Core Values are, how to harness the energy of your logic with your life purpose and process them through your gut brain, through your Core, to make choices that align with your authentic self and entire being. 

As you explore your Comfort Zone and discover your Zone of Genius, you will learn how to choose which one of your awesome ideas to spend your time and energy on, discovering how to pick the one that is truly your Masterpiece that will bring you much success.

This entire transformation will bring you healthier and happier relationships within yourself and EVERYONE in your life, "even strangers", as you give off that natural glow, emanating from an internal sense of completion that will inspire and motivate others!

What can I expect to receive from your support?

As a Wholistic Biz Owner, Creator & Founder of Core Momentum Coaching, I love to be a safe space for creative, intuitive, highly sensitive individuals to learn how to harness their time, energy, finances & core momentum to receive abundance, live authentically & become tethered within spiritual integrity from their personal to business to spiritual life.

I offer customized support designed to meet your individual needs and to achieve your goals, your results, and your Core desired feeling in life through intimate programs that offer a super simple Core Action Process, sustainable Biz System, Freedom Trackers & Professional Website/Landing Pg!. 

Options include intimate group Core Momentum Experiences to 1:1 VIP Illumination Sessions 

Click here for more details on these options, and schedule your FREE Illumify "Discovery" Session below to decide which is the best kind of support for you.

Together, we start to make life happen for you, instead of waiting for it to happen or just letting it happen to you!

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