If you are a 'Doer' and a 'Go-Getter' and are ready to make things happen, here are some exclusive VIP Support Bundles,

currently being offered with time-sensitive bonuses and premium availability:

Intelligent Income Report System $1497

This Exclusive offer Includes (6) "Smart" pages, (1) 1:1 Live Clarity Call, and 45 days of priority support

*Current FREE Bonus: (1) Illumify "Liberation" Session ($199 value)*

$1249 savings! Current Bonus offer Expires 8/31/2020

Included in my "Intelligent Income Report" System are (6) "Smart" pages** with the option to add customized "Classic"/"Smart" pages** (see details below), (1) Live 1:1 Clarity Call to help navigate your new system, 45 days of priority support, AND my Current FREE Bonus Offer: * (1) Illumify "Liberation" Session ($199 value)

*CURRENT BONUS Offer is included with purchases paid in FULL by Aug 31/2020 only. Session must be redeemed within 3 months of purchase.



**"Smart" pages are individual spreadsheet pages with advanced formulas, filters, prompts, validations and protections that calculate specific data to accurately track and filter pertinent information and categories such as overall totals of income, mileage, inventory, services, expenses, and so on. This makes the process of entering info super simple and super fast for you, allowing you to enjoy life while my system does all of the complicated, time-consuming "work" of sifting, organizing, tracking, and linking the correct amounts of income, deductions, inventory, services, expenses and overall totals from your sources of income so that you are fully Tax ready, whether you are filing your own or handing a copy of the "Totals" page over to an accountant!

This system only works with Microsoft Excel and is fully protected, including the following "Smart" pages: Business Info page, Income Tracker page, Expenses page, Quarterly Tax page, Donations page, and tax-ready Totals page!

Additional fees:

**$147 fee per additional 1:1 Live Clarity Call desired. Unlimited Clarity Calls are available for purchase if additional support is desired beyond the 45 days.

Add-on fee each include (1) Live 1:1 Clarity Call:

**$297 fee per additional customized "Classic" Spreadsheet page desired. Includes Inventory Pg, Affiliate Pg, Tracker Pg etc

**$447 fee per additional customized "Smart" Spreadsheet page desired. Includes pages with formulas, linking, protected cells etc

Authentic Abundant Lifestyle VIP 3-day Experience $799

This Exclusive offer includes an ELI* + (2) Clarity Debriefs* AND (1) Illumination Session*

$414 savins!

Join me live when you are eager to find the path to abundance and creative expression!

Are you ready to amplify your values and strengths, getting crystal clear on your goals to lay a solid framework of success as you learn to take aligned action, while re-energizing the exhausted areas of life, bringing vitality and your life purpose to fruition? 

Learn how to shift out towards the ease and calm excitement through a deeper awareness of your Core Energy Levels. Start taking Core actions that lead you to accomplishing those brilliant ideas by learning my simple 'Core Action' process. 

Have an active role in influencing your overall environment, from the inside out, to enhance and boost the culture within that has been merely surviving and transition to an uplifted, bonded culture that is thriving productively as you are being fully supported and inspired to completely express yourself in a safe space while learning how to take all-inclusive action from your Core so that you can honor your entire intelligence and be able to live authentically.

Set aside at least (2) hrs per day for this Core Momentum VIP 3-day Experience, ideal for the creative entrepreneurial spirited ones as it is fully customized to meet your individual needs and desires, giving you the insight you need to identify your next steps so that you may navigate and be at choice in the direction you desire to head in life!

Carve out the time and attention that will keep you on track with accomplishing your goals in life, as you receive the support you need to take aligned Core action!

*This experience includes an ELI (Energy Leadership Index) Assessment ($120 value)+ (2) Clarity Debrief Sessions with Core Energy Coach ($796 value) AND a collaborative Illumination Session ($297 value) with me, as we explore the Fundamentals to Abundant Accomplishments with insight into my Core Action process!

Pricing is per person. Payment is due at Bookings Checkout.

Click Here  to book your Authentic Abundant Lifestyle Experience now!

Wix Website Bundle $897

This Exclusive offer includes (5) Customized Pages AND (1) Illumify "Liberation" Session for a $297 savings!

Feeling stuck on the tech side of things but desiring to have a professional Website where you can send your clients to browse with ease at the amazing support and services you offer!

If spending hours behind the screen, editing, fine-tuning, and creating isn't your thing, the good news is, it TOTALLY is my thing! So why not source out and let me do what I love to support you at having more time to do what you love?!

My exclusive 'Wix Website' Bundle includes the professional creation of a fully customized WIx Website that captures the essence of who you are, what you represent, and how you want to be perceived.

This initial website creation includes (5) fully personalized pages of choice with mobile-friendly optimization.

Options for initial and additional add-ons include Home Page, Mission Page, Bio Page, Credentials Page, Featured Page, Products Page, Services Page, Bio/Mission Page, Blog Page, Online Store, Online Bookings, hyperlink out to personal sites like Acuity pages, POS Payment Service Connections etc are available as well!

Additional fees:

$199 fee applies for each additional add-on desired.

$897 Price includes an Illumify "Liberation" Session

Illumination Session $297

Take a moment to reignite that fire within, simplify your daily tasks as you learn how to honor your core values while illuminating your authentic self in the process so that you may experience the deeper joy life has to offer!

Experience a 1:1 Breakthrough Laser Focused session utilizing the BodyMind Method to step out of your comfort zone as you explore your creative genius, find the path that lights you up, and confidently take action to revive your life purpose with propelling momentum! 

This session includes 1:1 customized Virtual support that will help you embody the way you strive to feel in life as you are empowered to start consciously living: the place where you start to make life happen for you and not just let it happen to you!

Illumify "Liberation" Session $199

In this mini 'Illumination Session', you will begin to uncover your Core Values, get a glimpse of what truly lights you up to reignite your fire and keep the flames burning brighter as you discover what that very next step is to keep you on this newly lit path!


Book a Free Discovery Consult Here for the clarity you need to start your journey now! 

Inner Circle Memberships

Fully customized support designed to meet your individual needs with 1:1 support as you venture down this next path on your journey in life to liberate your Zone of Genius: where limitless creativity, happiness, and success exist and the endless opportunities are literally waiting to unfold for you. I am invested in helping you accomplish your goals while respecting your time and bringing you the best kind of energy I can possibly give out as you unlock your full potential!

During our time together, you will be empowered to tune in & ground down utilizing the BodyMind Method to create a pathway that aligns with your values so that you may confidently take motivating action to accomplish your goals in a way that truly inspires.

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