Hey There!

I'm Alina McGilloway and I am so happy you found me!

As a recovering, overgiving caregiver, I truly enjoy deeper connection, finding stillness in nature, and laughter as a way to decompress and heal. 

I love to spend each day creating intentional space to align with and truly honor values of Spiritual Integrity, Collaborative Support, Love, Joy, Humor, Inclusion, Authenticity, Curiosity & Abundance. I bring my intuitive impact, embraced with love and clarity, to nurture and collaboratively support others wherever they may be on their journey in life. 

I am the Creator & Founder of  Core Momentum Coaching of Illumify A•nu•mí LLC, with over 15 yrs of collective experience as Licensed Massage Therapist, Licensed Esthetician, Creative Entrepreneur, BodyMind Coach & Wholistic Biz Owner. 

From a safe space, I facilitate flow for others to learn how to harness their core energy to begin living abundantly, tethered within spiritual integrity! I truly become a part of your team, supporting you in aligning your vision and your purpose with your Core Momentum™. 


Lastly, I am driven by the innate ability to embody the love, space, and hope that surrounds us all and love to reflect that back to you, so that you may experience the awakening of this energy within, be inspired to strengthen your faith and let it guide you in life!


X o X o


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