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Trailer Intro to My Podcast - Alina McGilloway
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Intros & Previews

Intro to Collaborative Support Series - Alina McGilloway
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Intro to Freedom of Expression - Alina McGilloway
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What Clients say about Alina's Skincare

Rose S.

- Front Desk Receptionist

Alina is the best! Since when she started taking care of my skin, people are complimenting. She is really nice , she takes time to explain everything and she only use natural products. Go see her, you will not regret it!

What Clients say about Alina's Coaching

Lisset S.

- Holistic Business Owner

Alina’s support has revitalized my ENERGY, my life, and my business! Her Biz Finance Tracker has simplified and consolidated the bookkeeping/accounting part of my holistic business. Having all of my finances in one easy to use spot, has been such a big relief! Her support AND her Biz Finance Tracker are staples and foundational parts of my business!

What Clients say about Alina's Massage Therapy

As a happy client of Alina’s, I’m more than satisfied with her services and expertise. She has taken the time to understand my body and the types of massages I like and has always been able to help me feel better both physically, and in turn, emotionally. I’ve struggled with high levels of stress and anxiety and found that my symptoms had decreased dramatically starting the winter I began receiving therapy by her frequently – and I had made no other adjustments to my lifestyle. I would highly recommend Alina’s services.

Ashley S.

- Financial Aid Assistant