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Signature Massages

Recovery Therapy 

Regain your strength and revitalize a newfound energy that allows you to relax with invigoration! It is beneficial for anyone dealing with everyday aches and pains caused by varying activities of daily life. These stem from years of posture compromise to recovering from surgery to rehabbing an injury to emotional stress etc.

Enjoy a customized Functional Movement Flow therapy that addresses tissue/nerve issues and includes deep manual therapies, with kinesiology tape (Rock Tape) if needed, to further assist your body in accelerating the healing process. 

Start on your road to recovery and feel better now!

EmPOWER Nap Session

Need a moment to yourself but can't seem to find the time or the physical space to do so? What if you could receive restorative healing while you zen out and be refreshed mentally and physically at the same time?

This Power Nap session includes an opening/closing stretch, heat with compression, sound therapy (frequency music, guided meditations), and aromatherapy to provide space for your body and mind to unwind and relax away from the distractions of life.

Buy out that much needed time and take a break while being empowered to jump start that Self-Care Routine your mind body and soul desire!

Decompress Session

Receive the best of both worlds as this session combines a Recovery Therapy with an EmPOWER Nap session.

In Spa booking options:
Recovery Therapy $74
EmPOWER Nap Session $45
Decompress Session $119
*In Home* booking options:
*Recovery Therapy (local) $129
*Decompress Session (distance) $194
*Call to see if you are eligible for *In Home* Sessions
            Take a deep breath in.
                                              Relax, free your mind, and
                                                                                               Let your stress melt away.
All products used during signature massage session are  100% pure, organic, vegan, and cold-pressed.

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