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My Mission

I nearly burned out, I nearly resigned, I was close to being "done"

I have always poured my heart into everything I do in my life, into all of my relationships, including all aspects of my business, and have always loved connecting in this way.

What I did not account for is what could happen if I got injured and if I ran out of the very energy that was allowing me to help others manage their own stress and pain in life.

As a caregiver who genuinely wants to build up and give back to others while providing TLC, I never stopped to explore what I need to receive in order for everyone else to receive those better parts from within me.

As a Bodyworker, who was trying to recover from auto-related injuries, I was severely disconnected from the part of me that desperately needed some TLC and as my energy reserve was running out, my body communicated exactly what I needed to do:

Disconnect from everything, to reconnect to my Core Values, to my Core Self

This experience has illuminated my entire being while keeping me aligned on the pathway that has truly been freeing! My motivation, my newfound source of energy, allows me to provide a deeper, more connected kind of support that now comes from a place of overflow rather than depletion.

I am excited to support  you in finding your aligned path!  So how will you know if this is that next right step for you?

When you have that gut feeling, when you feel it in your bones, when it energizes every single cell within you, when you are ready for a change...

you are ready to commit, you are ready to invest in taking this moment to align with that part of you that you have been suppressing. THEN and ONLY THEN will things start shifting and expanding for you, and then you will be able to help others invest in themselves!

As we all strive to keep our sanity in this stressful world and survive with our current aches and pains, learning how to work along with our natural healing processes will decrease any negative hold that stress currently has on us. 

True healing and quality health begins from the inside out and can be achieved by tuning in to your body and by grounding down to the core of your entire being.

My individual support will help to melt away your tension, reignite your inner spark, and illuminate your core values so that you may completely align with your life purpose and experience the deeper joy from doing so.

All sessions are designed to help you create the time you need to do the things that build you up rather than being so busy, you never have the time to get started!

Click here to schedule your FREE Discovery Consult today!

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