My BIZ Finance Tracker is NOW available for other like-minded, creative entrepreneurs, looking to stay organized, and keep you productive and expand your business income through awareness and accountability!


This simple "Fill and Go" process  allows you to enjoy life while my system does all of the complicated, time-consuming "work" of sifting, organizing, tracking, and linking the correct amounts of income, deductions, inventory, services, expenses and overall totals from your sources of income so that you are fully Tax ready, whether you are filing your own or handing a copy of the "Totals" page over to an accountant!


This intelligent income report system only works with Microsoft Excel, can be purchased once and used for the lifetime of your business!


Included are the following (7) "Smart" pages: Business Info pg, Income Tracker pg, Expenses pg, Quarterly Tax pg, Donations pg,  tax-ready Totals pg, AND Awaressness/Accountability pg, as well as a (1) Live 1:1 Clarity Call to help navigate your new system!


"Smart" pages are individual spreadsheet pages with advanced formulas, filters, prompts, validations and protections that calculate specific data to accurately track and filter pertinent information and categories such as overall totals of income, mileage, inventory, services, expenses, and so on.


Additional fees:
$147 fee per additional 1:1 Live Clarity Call desired. Unlimited Clarity Calls are available for purchase if additional support is desired.

Biz Finance Tracker

$1,947.00 Regular Price
$1,700.00Sale Price
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