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Skincare Services

Illumify "Glow" Consult $149

Allow your skin to glow and radiate with a simple, effective skin care routine utilizing treatments and products that will truly soothe, heal, and protect your skin.

Learn how to work along with your skin's natural renewal abilities and repair mechanism with 1:1 virtual support personalized to address your specific skin concerns and provide you with an at home regimen that is best for you!

This Consult includes a bonus 30% discount off of product purchases and may include free product refills!

Ultimate Facial Rejuvenation $180

Maximize your skin's ability to heal and rejuvenate your complexion

while de-stressing your achy muscles!

This facial includes a Dermaplane which removes deeper layers of dead skin accumulation, followed by a skin anaylsis to determine the best peel to address your specific skin conditions, and completed with a Microneedling Therapy using the Clinical Resolution Lab InnoPenPro to promote natural induction of collagen and elastin without stress of pain and down time.

Lastly, plump and soothe your revived skin by absorbing the most effective Liposomal Peptides and Hydrating Peptide Mask!*

*Benefits this Signature Facial is cumulative. Therefore results are most effective with consistent skincare.*

This Signature Facial includes a cleanser, toner, light exfoliation, massage, mask, and spf moisturizer.

Every product used in ALL of The Spa's therapies are organic, vegan, and botanical-based.








 Love the skin you're in.

            Take charge of your health and beauty today,

                                                                               with effective skin care.​ 


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