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What to expect

"Alina is great. She helps my muscle tension to go down, and helps me to relax." -Adam| Office Cleaner | Massage Client


"So very happy with what has been happening and what Alina is the communication. I always know what is happening and why it’s being done.. look forward to where this takes me in the rehab of my knees." -Nancy| Post Office Worker | Massage & FMT Client


"Alina is absolutely wonderful! Very knowledgeable and takes time to explain treatments and she really cares about you and how your doing. I highly recommend her!!" -Beth|Massage & FMT Client

"Very knowledgeable about the right type of massage, personalized and tailored to individual needs. Very nice and dedicated to her work. Loved it....will definitely return!" -Blerina|Dental Hygienist|Massage & Skincare Client

"I am so thankful for Alina! She is very professional & so knowledgeable about skin & skincare! She takes time with you & addresses all your concerns! I have had many facials over the years & she is the best! I travel an hour from New Jersey & she is worth it! My skin looks great!" -Joei|Book Keeper|Skincare Client

"Alina is the best! Since when she started taking care of my skin, people are complimenting. She is really nice , she takes time to explain everything and she only use natural products. If you go see her, you will not regret it." -Rose|Front Desk Reception|Skincare Client

"Alina gives a very custom massage. She always asks me if I have any specific areas she needs to work on." -Dave|Retired| Massage Client

"Love this place!!! It has such a relaxing and welcoming environment! Alina takes her time and makes sure she understands exactly what it is you want before starting. She knows what she’s doing and I’m definitely going back! She fixed up my eyebrows and they have never looked better!! (I tried 4 different salons before this one and none of them were anywhere near as good!)" -Jackie|HS Student |Skincare Client

"My sessions with therapeutic massage have been quite positive.  After leg exercises/ walking, I experienced problems with my hamstrings & quads including leg stiffness & pain.  Therapeutic Massage by Alina has been very beneficial in limiting these problems & the added instruction I receive by her on stretching before & after workouts have helped.  I appreciate the personal attention given to my problems by Alina." -Bob| Retired | Massage Client

"I have always been concerned about the condition of my skin and everything that contributes to it aging faster. However, in the last few years I have taken this to a higher level, seeking out assistance in achieving the ultimate skin care and preventatives. Alina has proven to be an exceptional Esthetician. She takes the time to conduct an extensive study of my skin, the elements such as diet, sun exposure, allergies, etc. that could contribute to issues that would affect my overall facial appearance. She evaluates the needs of the skin and makes recommendations, which, if followed, yields positive results. She is very knowledgeable in her field and shares that knowledge without ever pushing her advice. As her client of several years, I can attest to her expertise and application of her treatments. She is very conscious of using only the very best in products that are natural and kind to the skin.The products are amazing, they’re rejuvenating and the makeup products accomplish a natural flawless look. It couldn’t be a better experience!" -Nina| Business Owner/Manager | Massage/Skincare/Makeup Client

“After months of treatment for a compressed nerve in my neck, I knew I needed Massage Therapy. I was reluctant and fearful of exacerbating my injury. Then I met Alina. She knew exactly what to do to help avoid a re-occurrence. She was reassuring and told me everything she was going to do and why. I have now seen her every other week for the last 4 years. I trust no one else. Whether you are looking to relax or need relief from pain or discomfort, I highly recommend Alina.”  -Abigail | Hospice Volunteer Coordinator | Massage Client

"My multiple Makeup experiences with Alina have been completely positive!! From the different looks I’ve wanted to achieve for special events, to completely leaving it up to her creativity to give me some ideas to try out on my own, I’ve been really satisfied with the results. As a teenager who has the worry of blemishes and is still trying to adjust my techniques in masking it without making the skin worse, Alina has been able to not only demonstrate to me that it’s possible to cover the worst of blemishes up at the last minute, but to also give me tips and guidelines to follow so that I can do it on my own, as well as skincare to help heal it. I especially appreciate the fact I can communicate with her on any part of the Makeover and have her verbally walk me through what she’s applying - as well as how she applies it. All in all, I would most certainly give my recommendation, considering my experiences with her level of reliability and the final product!"  -Claudia | Receptionist/ College Student/ Business Management | Skincare/Makeup Client

"As a happy client of Alina’s, I’m more than satisfied with her services and expertise. She has taken the time to understand my body and the types of massages I like and has always been able to help me feel better both physically, and in turn, emotionally. I’ve struggled with high levels of stress and anxiety and found that my symptoms had decreased dramatically starting the winter I began receiving therapy by her frequently – and I had made no other adjustments to my lifestyle. I would highly recommend Alina’s services." -Ashley| Financial Aid Specialist | Massage Client


"I would highly recommend getting your Professional Makeup done by Alina! My bridesmaids and I couldn't have been any happier with our Makeup, especially since it lasted until 4 am the next morning. Not only was the Makeup light but she made us all look so natural and elegant, exactly what I had always dreamed of for my big day. It was also very nice to get pampered by someone who is so kind and easy to talk to. My Wedding Day Makeup looks amazing in every single picture and I'm so thankful to have gotten the chance to work with her on one of the biggest days of our lives! I felt absolutely beautiful from the moment she was done with the Makeup and perfect in every way!" -Tanya | Receptionist| Makeup Client

"Back in 2012 ,right before a vacation, I was having a muscular neck problem. I was referred to Alina by a friend. Alina worked on the problem, and I drove home feeling so relaxed. I lost the heavy head feeling caused by a very tight muscle in neck/shoulder area. I was able to enjoy my trip! Since then, I see Alina frequently. She is very intuitive and  always knows what areas are giving me a problem. She always takes the time to show me stretches that may help. I take advantage of the price packages offered. I am a very satisfied client!" -Kay | Hospice Volunteer/Retired | Massage Client

"I have been going to Alina for over 3 yrs now, initially for a herniated disc. Her Therapeutic Massage helped relieve the pain from that issue and anytime I have flare-up pain, she always helps to alleviate the discomfort. I also  go to Alina for Skincare and Waxing. She is very knowledgeable and always suggests natural products that are appropriate for my skin. Alina is very professional and has a high level of expertise in the Massage and Esthetics field. Going to her Spa is always very rejuvenating and comfortable in a very private and relaxing setting. I have recommended several friends and refer my patients to her as well!"  -Lysa |Dental Hygienist |Skincare/Waxing/Makeup/Massage Client

"I have had a massage only once in my life before experiencing Alina's Complimentary Introductory Massage.  After receiving a second Therapeutic Massage by her, I signed up for 30 min sessions every two weeks.  Several years later, I have since increased to 60 min sessions every two weeks, and find that it has been very relaxing as it gets rid of any sore areas that I have. During my massages, I enjoy either a relaxing, quiet hour or an engaging conversation with Alina which is also very therapeutic.  I’ve had such good results with Alina that I’ve given several gift certificates to my friends when they’ve needed a pick me up during stressful times." -Sandy | Librarian | Massage Client


"I have a lot of stress as a business owner and have found a huge source of relief by receiving Massage Therapy by Alina. I have been going to The Spa for a few years now, being treated by Alina and I have to tell you, it has been the best experience for me! I have had arthritis for a long time and therefore am always in pain all over my body. Ever since I started receiving massages by Alina, my pain has decreased significantly. She works the body like magic and is so knowledgeable about what she is doing.

I truly feel brand new each time I leave The Spa! I only wish I can go to her at least 3 times a week because I know she can help all this pain in my body go away! Please give Alina a call if you have any muscle/back issues or just want to relax and enjoy a good massage!" -Mina | Restaurant Owner | Massage Client

"I care for my mother who is in the later stages of Dementia. I do all of her care including lifting and transferring. It is physically and emotionally taxing and it takes a toll on me. So my weekly sessions with Alina have come to be a lifesaver. Her skilled hands soothe my sore muscles and also calm my emotions. I always leave relaxed and restored!" -Ellen | Caregiver | Massage Client

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