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My Professional Credentials

Licensed Massage Therapist

Upon graduating from The Somerset School of Massage Therapy in 2006, I began my massage career, focusing on the therapeutic aspects of massage. I have had the privilege of working with people from all different backgrounds and walks of life including the elderly, those with autism, those recovering from traumatic incidents, those rehabbing bodily injuries, those rehabbing post surgery, and those seeking stress/pain management and it is because of this collective experience that I specialize in tissue and nerve issues.

Licensed Esthetician and Certified FMT Specialist

Because I truly value the importance of nurturing and self-care, I enrolled in The Vision Academy Esthetics Program, graduating in 2011, to expand my knowledge and skills. I focused on enhancing my abilities by pursuing advanced education in Functional Movement Therapy (FMT), specializing in kinesiology tape therapy, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Advanced Ethics, Vegan Makeup Artistry and other similar courses.

Certified Master BodyMind Coach

In 2019, after years of marinading within many ideas and goals to live in a way that felt aligned with the core of who I am but not knowing where to begin, I became determined to pursue my next venture: reconnecting to my purpose in life in order to make my ideas and goals my reality NOW rather than continuing to wait for the "right" time, always feeling crazy busy in the process. ​

This led me to pursuing a career in life coaching, specifically in the BodyMind Method. After becoming a Certified BodyMind Coach, I continued my journey as a Certified Master BodyMind Coach and am excited to offer life changing Life Coaching sessions within my practice!

My Mission

With each endeavor to expand my horizon, I try to incorporate my fine-tuned skill set in order to evolve A•nu•mí Spa Therapies, consciously making efforts to maintain truly holistic benefits in each and every therapy session.

When I'm not at the Spa, I enjoy spending time in volunteer projects and in supporting worldwide causes to really give back to the community and help improve quality of life where possible!

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